Welcome to the Roadside Projects!

by Shelly Scott



Do you love art? I believe that a lot of us love art. There are so many different types of arts which blow our minds. In fact, a lot of artists are very creative which is the reason why we get so amazed with their creations. One of these of course is the creator of this Roadside Project, Risa, known for her great ability to do paper cuttings and turn them into an art form.  

Back in 2009, while Risa was trying to quit smoking, she grabbed a scissor to distract her idle hands and refrain from reaching out for a smoke. That was the time she created her first artwork in her garage. One minute she’s searching for garage door repair near me and the next she drew sketches first before coloring the figure that she had in mind and then brought it to life using paper, scissors, and a craft knife, then glued it to a panel of wood. That’s how she started in her work of making amazing and whimsical art. 

An artist who is well-known in the paper cutting world, Risa creates delightful three dimensional scenes by turning whimsical illustrations into pieced together paper figures. She also has a collection of clothed animals. However, her strong theme throughout her work is the road, and includes roadside attractions like the circus and gypsy fortune tellers, journeys and voyages. She crafts her stories using glue, paper and ink inside oval box frames and sells the originals as well as prints. She will soon release her next artwork, based on a scene from one of her favorite picture books titled Where the Wild Things Are. She works for famous magazines all over the world. You can see her work too in various exhibit places.  

Paper cutting using hand tools that can be turned into amazing art often boggles the mind. This kind of craft has been practiced as far back as the 6th century in China and is also credited with making the first paper. If you are not yet aware, in recent years contemporary artists have been pushing the art of paper cutting into the limelight to be known not just as a craft but an art. 

You should check out the discussion of American paper-cutters, lots of great artists are members of this group. They are also here to invite you to join the forum session of this site. You can ask everything about paper cutting and they will surely answer your questions. You can also share your opinions about the subject as a number of paper cutting artists and handicraft artisans are discussing various aspects of this beautiful and interesting art.  

You can see different paper cutting artworks here on the Roadside Project website, where you’ll also learn of shop updates. If you are interested in Risa’s work, kindly message us for your choice of art and we’ll get back to you as soon as we receive your email. You can purchase her work through her Etsy shop as well.  


Thank you and Enjoy!