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Sacramento, CA
United States



     I create my images through a unique process of 3D illustration. When beginning a project, I use a concept board to brainstorm and work through my ideas. I then collect reference materials and begin sketching. After my initial drawing has been finalized, I use colored pencils to find the right palette. I then start cutting, pulling materials from an ever-growing collection of new and re-purposed paper. Each piece is cut individually with steady hands and tiny scissors. It is then carefully glued into place, often with the aid of tweezers.


     Layer upon layer, I build characters and sets for a miniature scene. I stage the pieces in my paper theater (imagine an oversized shadowbox), using thread or wire as necessary to hold the paper elements in place. I then photograph the dimensional paper artwork, playing with camera settings, lenses and light. In the final stage of my illustration process, I bring the digital image into Photoshop for minor adjustments.