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Reese: Hi all! I just think hand-work is even more important for those of us than those who use machine-created cuts. Can you offer any words of wisdom on the value of hand-drawn features? 


Jasmine: @Reese go for it! I believe that the most important aspect in art is creating your own unique style.  I think my hand-drawn faces are what really give my pieces character and draw the viewer in. I think the faces of my work are rarely aesthetically perfect, but my hope is that their wobbliness make them charming.  


Kimberly: @Jasmine, I’ve always wished I could do this sort of thing, but I can’t. I do not have any skills in this so I just have to enjoy other people’s work. Your work is so beautiful. 


Dean: @Kimberly, don’t even say that you don’t have any skills on art. You can practice at home. You know practice makes perfect. Just add more creativeness and imagination. You can do it. We are all gifted anyway. 


Alexandria: Wow, I am totally motivated now! Just by reading all the comments, you’ve really touched my mind and heart to pursue my skills. It has been too long since I stopped doing arts but I really thought I will continue it. I really need to start working on it again. 


Jasmine: I know that you are all talented. I am inspired by the work that you do. A word of encouragement, just continue to enjoy what you are doing.