Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions of the Roadside Projects website.  The questions here were answered by our artist Risa herself.  


Q: Your characters seem so personal. Do you sometimes base your characters on people you know? 

Yes, my characters are very loosely based on real people.  For example, the one that I recently launched was based on this elderly man I used to always see at the Post Office.   


Q: Is your artwork are really made out of paper? 

Yes! All of my art pieces are made out of paper. They are designed, cut, colored, and formed one by one in my home studio. I apply various techniques to give each piece a unique look that will make them as realistic as possible. 


Q: Where can I buy your artworks and how? 

Thank you for giving an interest to the Roadside Project artworks. You can purchase the product here, just email us attaching the photo of your artwork choice. We will then call you back for the other information. You can also buy my work too on Etsy. 


Q: How can I learn to create my own three dimensional shadow box art? 

You can purchase my 3D shadow box art kit here and on Etsy. It already comes with instructions that you can easily follow. 


Q: How much is the cost of the artwork and three dimensional shadow box art? 

The costs are based on different criteria. The most important criteria is the level of effort that is needed to design a paper cutting art with the desired effect. For example, you may want an artwork that not only includes paper cut art but also has an illustration component. That has different pricing. Just send an email for the precise price quotation. You see, it may be difficult to give a general benchmark.