When the creator of Roadside Project was trying to quit smoking a few years back, she used scissor therapy to distract her idle hands. She started her first paper cut artwork with a stack of old books from a thrift store, a 2-foot wood panel, a pair of scissors, and a bottle of Elmer’s glue. She turned the paper into a great artwork. You can call it a craft but it’s an art that will definitely make you wow. 


She is a freelance artist and an illustrator known for her whimsical imagery and unique methods of working with cut paper. She is born and raised in Sacramento, California. She works as a three dimensional illustrator in some magazines, advertising campaigns and newspapers. She had done a few children’s books. 


Her masterpieces are assembled from lots of tiny hand-cut bits to create whimsical, awesome stories. Part of their charm is that she photographs them in such a way to take advantage of placement to get interesting spaces that create little worlds! 

The way the characters seem to have weight and are affected by wind and nature are part of the illusions she create.  


Her inspiration includes everything that she has experienced in real life events and through other people’s stories via art, books, music, etc. But the only thing that is consistent, when she needs inspiration, she just goes outside and takes her dog for a walk. That is when her best ideas always come, when she is not sitting down in her studio, trying to force something to happen.  


Thank you for checking out the Roadside Project website. We are so excited to share Risa’s work to you and we very much hope that you enjoy it too! Please visit the Roadside Projects website regularly to see all of her delightful art works.